Robbie has co-authored 3 books – Remarkable Women, Getting Things Done; Successful Women Speak and Freeing Godiva; A Woman’s Journey of Self-Empowerment.

Remarkable Women

Powerful, Honest and Intimate.  Frank and insightful interviews from some of America’s most Remarkable Women.  Listen in as 23 of America’s most talented and successful women divulge their secrets to success and life balance (transcripts printed from real interviews).  Headliners include film and television star, Jennifer O’Neill, co-creator of “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul” and “Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul”, Marci Schimoff, and Energy Therapist, Shaman and Spiritual Teacher, Robbie Houcek.  Cover to cover this book contains real life stories that will touch you, inspire you and add value to your life – all from women who have been there.  A great gift for friends, mothers, sisters, aunts or any woman you care about!

Getting Things Done, Successful Women Speak

How do busy women get things done?  13 women deliver high-impact messages to benefit readers from all walks of life.  Find out how these women overcame obstacles and became role-models for women everywhere.  These chapters will inspire you, challenge you and entertain you.  Energy Therapist, Shaman and Spiritual Teacher, Robbie Houcek delivers a compelling interview that outlines the powerful impact of Ontological Kinesiology, remote healing and much more.

Freeing Godiva

The legend of Lady Godiva and her ride has inspired people for centuries. True or not, the legend has inspired people to use unconventional thinking to solve problems and accomplish their goals. Each chapter in Freeing Godiva reflects this concept. The women in this book have experiences to share- stories that are sure to ignite within you the same passion to dream and dare to make your dream a reality.

Freeing Godiva presents a unique learning experience to set goals, then do what it takes to achieve them. I invite you to be inspired and learn from these powerful, courageous women.